Welcome to Our Newest Members!

New members are accepted monthly, usually during the first week of the month, at our Board of Directors meetings. You may see these (and all others) members' full contact information in our printed and online directories. Contact the Chamber office with any questions.


Kalyan Hospitality                                                                            Joe Sandy                         262-2000

Select Properties of Virginia                                                         Erin Dawson                     332-0992

The Mosquito Authority                                                                Anthony Duncan              545-3646 


Environment Specialist, Inc. t/a Howell's Heating & Air      Rhonda Foster                 798-1371 ext. 104

Richweb, Inc.                                                                                     Mark Lea                          368-0421

The Game Patrol                                                                              Tim Tsutsumi                  836-6000


Advisor Financial & Tax                                                                  David Luck                       234-8600

Cruise Planners                                                                                 Herb Farrar                      703-881-9144

Richmond Virginia Internet Exchange                                        Scott Brown                     355-3608


Stepping Stone Chiropractic                                                          Tara Bath                          798-7575  


Hanover Chamber of Commerce (HABCC) 9097 Atlee Station Road, Suite 117, Mechanicsville VA 23116

Phone: (804) 798 - 8130  Fax: (804) 798 - 0014  Email: info@hanoverchamberva.com

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